Supporting loved ones to stay independently at home

Good Companions are a small group of private carers, support workers and companions who hold a wealth of experience.


No barriers of age, race or religion

We offer a heartfelt private care service available to everyone

Your life, your care, your way.

Good Companions specialise in working with people and their families in and around Spalding that require care within their own homes, helping you to maintain the lifestyle that you want, where you want.

You remain in control at all times, so you can receive the care you want, where you want it, when you want it.

We pride ourselves in taking time to understand each of our clients’ direct needs

emphasising the company ethos of the client being in control and the staff meeting their requests specific to their needs.

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One to one support

Good Companions offers support with day to day tasks.

A familiar face

We ensure your loved one sees the same person on every visit.

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I've known Heidi for almost a year now and I can honestly say is she such a lovely lady. Her passion and love for caring for others shines through above all else. She is a very understanding lady who works so hard to support others who need it the most. Get in touch with Heidi if you need someone to look after your family/loved ones.

Emily Maltby-Gills

First impressions, you can't help but like Heidi. She is brilliant, human, approachable, helpful and very informative.
I would have no problem recommending this company to my friends and family.

Jody Crawley

We are over the moon and have definitely found the right care and companion company for my relative.
All staff are a delight to deal with and I can't recommend them highly enough.
The service is second to none and Heidi has been superb from the get go.
Thank you!

Martin Healings

Thanks so much Heidi for going the extra mile for us, when Mum became poorly. As you know, it was difficult caring for her, as I live so far away - until you zoomed in to help that is! I think you've taken a lot of the stress away, because you seem to know intuitively what Mum needs and she doesn't have to explain how she wants things done all the time. This is the beauty of homecare for us, her wishes are respected and choices haven’t been taken away. She’s been able to keep her routine, deciding what and when to eat and when to go to bed.

You seem to know exactly how to be with her, knowing when to let her rest and when to chat to her. We all really appreciate what you do. We are especially grateful, that when you’re not looking after Mum, you busy yourself keeping her house gorgeously clean too! Staying at home was really important to Mum, as she enjoys her independence as you know, so thanks for making it possible. I feel happy leaving her in your safe care, when I head back to London. I know whatever she needs, whether it's popping out for a prescription, or organising a stay in respite for a week or two, you'll get it done. And you'll be there waiting for her when she comes home. You're a little ray of sunshine you know...

Cheryl Scott

Heidi is so caring, friendly, trustworthy and supportive.
You couldn't ask for a better person to help you or a loved one.

Natalie Anderson

"I have been using Good Companion services for my mother who suffers with Dementia and can honestly say, it has changed everything for the better.
The team are amazing, likeable, approachable and patient! going above and beyond. They take the time to get to know the person they are supporting, needs, likes, interests and challenges and are creative in the way they approach these . Whilst my mum cannot remember their names, she feels a level of trust with them which is amazing and a credit to the care offered.

Another benefit is the app used, which allows not just updates on each visit, but visibility of rota’s, easy way to contact, with updates / relevant info.

One unexpected benefit is the level of support given, especially by Heidi be it how to overcome a problem, innovative ways to approach resistance, and recommendations about help available.

I would highly recommend and thank you GC for all you do. "

Cari Davies

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